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Focused on quality, from farm to fork.

Beef Sustainability

An industry leader in animal welfare

We continuously monitor operations throughout our supply chain to make sure every Cargill partner and employee meets or exceeds industry animal welfare standards.

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Across North America – our supply chain guarantees every purchase from Cargill delivers the freshness and great flavor that you expect. From the ranchers who support our call for premium grain-fed beef cattle, to the production facilities and grocery retailers that are part of our “farm to fork” supply chain, we’re proud of the long-term relationships we’ve built with suppliers at every level.

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Product quality and safety is our priority.

Our quality assurance processes help verify that every package of ground beef we produce meets stringent quality standards. A strict lean point and nutritional fact verification process guarantees that what is stated on our packages is absolutely correct.

Cargill also leads the industry in innovative food safety practices, employing a wide range of interventions to help achieve our goal that every product we ship is safe and wholesome.

Discover Cargill’s Retail Ground Beef Offerings

Our Certified Ground Beef 73% Lean 27% Fat

Our Certified Ground Beef

Our Certified 3LB 80/20 Ground Chuck Chub

Our Certified Ground Chuck

3 lb. 80% Standard Pride Ground Beef Chub

Standard Pride Ground Beef

2 lb. 90% Standard Pride Sirloin

Standard Pride Ground Sirloin

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